Perfect location

Shakespeare hotel offers accommodation in Vilnius center. It is situated in a cozy narrow red-roof street meandering to the nicest places and corners of Vilnius historic center (Old Town) . Just nearby – a busy and alive, always full of artisans Pilies street facing Vilnius Cathedral and majestic Gediminas castle. On the other side just a short walk away – the Town Hall and red defensive barbican walls, as well as wonderful view to the artist-quarter Užupis. While those who look for nightlife will easily find the never asleep Vilnius center with Islandijos and Vilniaus streets just a few minutes away.


Places near

1. Saint Ann's Church and The ensemble of Bernardines

Right next to the Shakespeare St. Anne‘s church and BernRight next to the Shakespeare St. Anne‘s church and Bernardine monastery ensemble is situated. You can even see its fragments through hotel windows by choosing our offered accommodation in Vilnius. This is one of the oldest and most impressive gothic sacral works of art in Lithuania.

2. Vilnius Cathedral

Cathedral-Basilica is a symbol of Lithuanian baptism and the most important venue for all believers. Stonewalls of the temples from the 13th century still extant in the catacombs and burial places of the dukes are full of historic secrets.

3. Gediminas tower

The legendary stonewalls of Gediminas castle are just a few minute-walk away. Enjoy views of the Vilnius historic center (Old Town) from the overview site on top of the tower. Get acquainted with ancient Lithuanian defence peculiarities and history from the exposition inside.

4. Vilnius University

Vilnius University is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe. Architectural ensemble consists of buildings from different periods, and unique books of ancient Lithuania and Europe are exhibited in library halls.

5. Bernardine Gardens

Once having belonged to Bernardine monks, the garden is now restored according to historical resources. Exposition of the garden is full of exceptional plants and trees in shades of which rest areas, fountains and paths alongside river Vilnelė are constructed.

6. Republic of Užupis

Užupis quarter surrounded by the river is a republic of artists with its own president, anthem and constitution, displayed in Paupio street. The ongoing cultural and street art events, as well as exhibitions reflect the prevailing bohemian atmosphere.

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