Meeting rooms

Shakespeare Hotel includes three banqueting halls and roof terrace where guests are invited to enjoy their warm afternoons. Surrounding elegance creates a special atmosphere, and a large library invites you to open pages of the books and enjoy every minute of staying.



Weddings, events

We offer extraordinary care and warm welcome for the special day. Weddings, solemn parties, banquets or friend feasts can be arranged at our sumptuous 50-place banqueting hall. For your day to be perfect, we’ll take the utmost care of each and every detail: menu, professional service, organizational concerns and overnight for your guests. For more information, please contact us: or  +370 62566868.


Meeting rooms

Shakespeare seminar facilities accommodating up to 50 persons is an ideal choice for undisturbed business meetings, seminars or conferences. The venue space is equipped with the modern hardware, namely projector, microphones, laptop and loudspeakers. More information: or +370 62566868.


Open Times

6:30 AM - 12:00 PM
7:30 AM - 12:00 PM


For more information please contact us:
+370 625 66868

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