Shakespeare's bar is a peaceful stop for the travellers. Get inspired for the entire day with a cup of coffee while you look at the impressive shape of Gediminas castle. Relax in a soft armchair with a glass of noble drink, have a chat with your friends, and therefore leave your watch in the room as you will most probably not need it

English Soul

Relax in the authentic bar ambience with a pint of English lager or a glass of the most valued Scotch whisky which you choose from our impressive collection stored over years


Whisky collection

Whisky is exceptional in our bar. Our rich collection amounts to nearly 100 types of whiskies from both perfectly worldwide known and small independent distilleries of single malt whiskey. Our whisky collection is predominant by probably most valued Scotch whiskies, more sophisticated gourmets, however, can enjoy drinks from USA, Ireland, Canada, Japan or even more rare whiskies from Sweden, Taiwan or India 


A la Carte Breakfast

Rustling newspapers, coffee flavour, scent of toast bread – this is what morning at Shakespeare hotel is. Traditional full English breakfast that you would find in real English eatery, substantial Lithuanian-style roasted eggs or a light snack with morning coffee. Always the same good, as we believe that right breakfast is the right start of a vital day


Open Times For Breakfast

7:00 AM - 10:30 AM
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Events and conferences:
+370 52665885

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